I'm Family

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I'm Family

Grab your 19 page ebook entitled "I'm Family" below :)

From the very beginning of opening my Dog Bowen Practice ( and even way before ), I was very conscious of the wording I used when it came to our relationship with our family animals.

I never liked referring to animals as "pets", that word just sounded like they were a possession...ugh.

And never, ever, ever did I use the word "Owner" to describe the people who care for them.

Once again...ugh!!!!

Although these two words are still commonly used in the commercial "PET" industry, and still sadly used within the animal health industry (i.e. veterinarians), I don't use them!



We are extraordinarily privileged to have the opportunity to live amongst animals.

And I for one, love, honour, respect, and take my position as their highest spokesperson for their health and wellbeing seriously.

So do you :)

I'll leave you with a 19 page ebook that I put together which truly exemplifies what it means to have an animal in our life...enjoy!

P.S. The "I'm Family" pdf. was previously created and does have a wee bit of self advertising.
The core purpose for sending it your way is to further solidify our knowing that animals are without hesitation...FAMILY

To your dog's life,




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