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Response5 For the Sports Dog

Response5 works for all dogs, but for the Sports dog, it's a dream come true.

Response5 Is The Sports Dogs' SECRET Weapon For Best Performance!

Sports dogs know how to work hard, and play hard!

Whether your dog is in schutzhund, agility, fly ball, dock diving or anything in between, Response5 is an incredible tool for the sports dog: helping to keep the body in tip-top shape, freeing it from compensating injury patterns, and increasing ease of movement.

  • Use Response5 before and after a sporting event for best performance, and to give your dog the competitive edge!
  • Ideal for sports related injuries and preventative body maintenance.
  • Regular Response5 treatments assist in injury prevention.
  • Overcompensation, bad postural alignment and the body’s tendency to hold on to old injuries, will result in an unbalanced body. Response 5 keeps this all in check!
  • Many injuries in sports, e.g. knee, hamstring, etc are a result of sudden additional stresses being placed on an unbalanced body. Be proactive by using respose5.
  • People with sports dogs have reported that regular Reponse5 treatments reduce the number of incidents of injury, benefiting from ‘whole body balancing’ which is built into Reponse5's formula!
  • By treating the whole body to restore balance: and when used on a regular basis, people with athletic dogs are discovering that Reponse5 enhances performance by increasing energy levels, improving mobility and co-ordination; which results in an improved performance with reduced incidence of injury.
  • Where dogs do have an injury, people are finding that Response5 outperforms all other therapies with regard to reducing pain and tension in the body & helping injuries heal faster. Often bringing rapid relief and getting your dog back to peek performance quickly!
  • Because Response5 is simple and quick to use and only takes your hands to apply, Response5 becomes your SECRET WEAPON for your Athletic Dog!

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