Easing the transition of passing using Response5

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Easing the transition of passing using Response5

It was a late rainy evening when my phone rang. "Debi, can you come over, I think Casey had a stroke, he collapsed and is struggling to breathe, oh my god, please come!!!"

Without a thought of hesitation I jumped in my car and made the short drive over to Jasons home.

There Jason laid, curled up beside Casey on the living room floor, crying.

Jason was clear with me that he didn't want to put Casey in the car and drive to the Vets. He knew this was the end.

Casey was lying stiffly on his side, breathing rapidly through his mouth with a still but panic look in his eyes.

Kneeling down beside them, I began Response5.

Step 1...slow...purposeful...gentle roll.

and then we waited. Jason had now dialed the phone to reach his wife and was holding the phone to Casey's ear as she spoke soft loving encouraging words to Casey.

Step 2...slow...loving...light roll.

and then we waited. Casey let out a big sigh, and his body slightly relaxed. Jason snuggled in closer to Casey's head and softly stroked his silky ears.

Step 3...slow...soft...from my heart,roll.

and then we waited. Casey's eyes softened and his mouth closed slightly, his body loosened. Jason was now calmer too. Knowing I was there and knowing that Casey was no longer panicked was exactly what he and his wife needed to feel at peace with what was evidently coming.

Jason stayed close and continued to softly stroke his best friends head, his wife continued to send loving messages to Casey.

Step 4...no need. Casey took one final soft breathe and was gone.

I drove home in the rain, so fitting for this experience,tears of sadness and of gratitude rolling down my face. Forever grateful for touching the lives of this beautiful family with Response5.


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