Welcome Video and Important Reminders!

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Hi! You're here!!

Welcome to the next piece of your journey, welcome to Response15~Whole Body Balance!

I have four important videos for you to watch before you head off into any other piece of this learning platform.

Video 1 - Welcome video - don't miss this one, it will set the tone for everything you're about to learn!

Video 2 - Your course layout - step by step instructions to smoothly guide you through the course.

Video 3 - Important reminders about Animal Bowen Therapy - make sure to watch!

Video 4 - Helpful hints - a brief guideline on the ins and outs of hand movements, tension, and greeting a dog.

                                      This video will lead you to more essential videos to watch...

....so sit back, listen, watch and open your mind to the next FOUR videos:)

Video 1

This is your Welcome video ( okay so there's two welcome videos;) 

There's just too much inspiration to put into one!

Terms and Conditions

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

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