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  • Welcome to CSM Pre-class learning (Listen to Audio)

    As with all things in life, it is our individual collective experiences that bring us to a confident level of KNOWING. You've already traveled down the first path of Animal Bowen Therapy and look how far you have come!
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  • Whole Body Balance Review (Video)

    ...it's a nice bonus to have all the WBB Moves set into video! Watch this quick review and hone your WBB skills:)
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  • Plank and QL plus two BONUS Moves (Video)

    I always like to add a couple Bonus Moves!
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  • Assessment Review and a BONUS way to assess

    We, as Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioners use our assessment skills to see and feel for mobility issues without diagnosing. We use these skills to determine our course of action and to evaluate the noted changes throughout the weeks of ABT sessions. The more you see, feel and observe the animal, the more effective you become.
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  • Muscle Anatomy as it relates to ABT (PDF to Print)

    When we look at the muscles for each Move in ABT we begin to incorporate their name and their purpose. Your Level 1 manual lists each of the WBB Moves and the muscles they address. Lets add to this knowledge: Where does this muscle begin? ORIGIN Where does each muscle attach? INSERTION What is the thickest part of the muscle? BELLY The origin of the muscle is the most stationary end of muscle. We can consider the origin of the muscle as...
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  • The Nervous System (PDF to print)

    When we think of how the body works and in particular how Animal Bowen Therapy (ABT) relates to the body, we become curious as to how the Moves correspond to nerves. The achievement of ABT is the ability to restore the impairment of nerves (amongst many other things), which in turn restores movement. When you think of the enormously complicated body systems and the light touch simplicity of Animal Bowen Therapy, it's no wonder that we are i...
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  • Fascia and ABT (PDF to print)

    ABT vastly concentrates on connective tissue known as Fascia. Fascia is a huge scientific subject, much of it being explored in this decade! Science no longer sees the body as individual components, but rather as a whole working system…thanks to the fascinating discovery of FASCIA!
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