Muscle Anatomy as it relates to ABT (PDF to Print)

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When we look at the muscles for each Move in ABT we begin to incorporate their name and their purpose.
Your Level 1 manual lists each of the WBB Moves and the muscles they address.

Lets add to this knowledge:

Where does this muscle begin? ORIGIN

Where does each muscle attach? INSERTION

What is the thickest part of the muscle? BELLY

The origin of the muscle is the most stationary end of muscle. We can consider the origin of the muscle as the anchor. It is situated on the mainly fixed bones in the body, such as the vertebrae or scapula. The origin of a muscle is proximal, closest to the body.

Insertion is the end of the muscle attached to bone, undergoing greatest movement. The insertion is distal, furthest from the body and is attached to moveable bones.

The belly of muscle is between origin and insertion.

Over stress in the origin of the muscle will eventually produce its effect at the moveable joint served by that muscle.

For most hands on techniques such as massage there is a very large focus on muscles and movement.

As ABT Practitioners it is wise to have an understanding of how muscles work and how they are attached, however the bigger focus in Bowen is the connective element of what wraps around the muscles ~ FASCIA!

Pam Foley, one of your fellow ABT Practitioners did a thorough job in researching each of the WBB muscles along with their adjoining muscle.

Please print the below PDF and add it to your binder for future reference!


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