Safety Protocol

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When we work with animals from an ABT perspective, we look to the animal to guide us through the session.

We speak often about RESPECT and OBSERVATION.

Allow the animal to dictate their needs, from the beginning to the end of your time with them.

An animal may have difficulty with new surroundings and people.

The beginning process may take time and Move 1 may be a challenging process for them to accept.

Remember that Move 1 has the capability to realign the body energetically and physically: for this among many reasons, is why we begin with Move 1

Safe Treatment Protocol

  1. Safety first for you the ABT Practitioner. When in doubt, don’t treat.
  2. Safety for the animal. Is your workspace safe?
  3. Safety for the people. Have you provided a comforting/safe environment for the animals’ family?

To meet the requirements of an effective safe TEAM you must take on a leadership role that is clear and consistent with both the animal and their family.

Directives have to be respectfully clear in order to establish a listening environment. With this environment in place, an effective change can be made.

You must always be non-invasive in your approach.

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