Kidney Procedure Description

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• The kidney area is where courage and “strong heart” energy is shown.
• Any weakness in this area needs to be addressed with an empathetic attitude to the psychology of the dog, especially in the adrenal fight or flight response.
• The kidney procedure must be completed with the emphasis on correct protocols of ABT, very slowly and with thought, intent, and with your energy in a soft spot.
• This is probably the procedure that puts the dog in its most vulnerable position so use your utmost respect when doing this procedure.
• This Move is over the kidney reflex point. This  Move is angled to address the structures lying beneath the last rib T12, T13 – i.e. the kidney.
• The actual Move is done on the bladder meridian on the vital point that is the direct reflex to the kidney organ.

Addresses the following conditions:

• Arthritis
• Allergic reactions
• Mucous production either infection, allergenic or acid related
• Fluid balance, homeostasis of body fluids
• Poor circulation
• Urine retention
• Kidney overload
• Renal problems
• Urinary bladder and kidney gravel (will need vet attention for larger stones)
• Hormonal problems in females
• General tightness of muscles
• Spongy musculature
• Tight stringy muscles
• Regulates fluid balance in muscles
• Infections and viral conditions – helps to rid body of dysfunctional debris and toxins
• Roached back in lumbar spine
• Sway back
• Fluid edema over loin area
• Normalizing vital signs
• Regulates electrolyte balance in muscles
• Works on the fear factor 

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