TMJ Description

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We are familiar with TMJ issues: a jaw that gets stuck, or a jaw that clicks, problems opening the jaw, or pain in the jaw, an under bite or an over bite.
…but will we come across this often with our animal clientele?
Most likely not! Or at the very least, seldom.
So why do we even need to know the TMJ Procedure?
…because it plays a much broader role than the range of motion in the jaw.

• Atlas – Axis misalignment
• C1 – Occipital misalignment (use with Move 12a)
• Uneven flexion
• Sluggish lymphatic’s
• Lymphatic congestion
• Hyoid balance problems
• Inflammation anywhere in the body
• Foot problems (pain, misalignment)
• Heat in the body
• Unresolved hind end problems
• Sinus problems and congestion
• Allergies and allergic reactions
• Extension of foreleg
• Shoulder mobility
• Over bent head (vertical flexion)
• Head that looks like it has been stuck on
• Irritability
• Birthing problems when head has been caught in birthing canal
• Epilepsy
• Stroke
• Supports lymphatic and respiratory procedures
• Skin and fur
• Abnormal posture
• Lack of symmetry anywhere in the body

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