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Looking for an answer to your Dog's mobility health?

Response5 teaches you in as little as one day, how to use your hands to create lasting neurological change in your dogs health! 

  • You've been searching.
  • You know, you just know, that there's an answer to your dogs pain and discomfort.
  • There is...and you're about to learn it!
  • Response5 promises that your perspective on animal health care will be changed forever!
  • This is beyond EMPOWERING.
  • This is LIFE CHANGING!
  • Created for the family dog, the high performance sports dog and dog's in Rescue.
  • Response5 is the "SUPER POWER" mobility restoration you've been searching for!

Learn it once. Create change for a lifetime.

Response5 Reviews:

Mary and 12 year old Cinnamon

A definite increase in energy! Less stiffness and a much calmer demeanour.

The 5 steps of Response5 are life-changing and easy to execute!

A nice blend of reading/pictures/video's.

Debi was very easily available and very good at answering any queries along the way.


I was so impressed with the results Response5 delivers!

My favourite result was helping a family avoid costly and painful surgery by helping to completely resolve their dog's issues.

~ easy to learn

~ effective

~ gives meaningful change to dog's and their family!

Kathy and  7 year old Peanut

Peanut is a 7 year old Australian Terrier who was paralyzed in the back end.

First Vet said ~ Degenerative Disc

Second Vet said ~ Slipped Disc

After two sessions of Response5 he was getting up: walking but still wobbly.

After 4 sessions he was walking steady on his own.

After 6 sessions he was once again able to feel when he had to go to the bathroom ( he had lost this feeling during his paralysis )

Response5 was easy to learn!

I found the added silent videos showing each step in slow motion very helpful!

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  • For less than the price of one typical Veterinary visit you will learn this simple lifetime skill to be used over and over again.
  • Connecting directly with your dogs central nervous system is the " MAGIC" behind Response5!

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Response5 Reviews:

Amanda and Zoey

Zoey had 2 ACL surgeries in the last 3 years and had very poor mobility.

She was so accepting of me using Response5.

Her family saw differences every day. It was so amazing to hear the success she was having with Response5!

I noted mood changes, mobility changes and an overall happier dog!


For the first time since I was a child, a dog came into my life. As a human Bowen Practitioner I am aware of the wonderful benefits of Bowen on the mind, body and spirit of a patient.

I want to extend this to the Canine family member(s).

I would recommend you take Response5 to develop a deeper relationship with your animals and to help to restore and/or maintain good health.

Kate and her Cat

My 17 year old cat was sleeping all day and didn't like to be touched.

After 1st. session: 2 days later my cat began to play like she was 10 years younger!

After 2nd. session: Still playing and desiring to be touched "pet" now!

Such an amazing tool to have to help animals!

Response5 provided:

~ easy to follow information

~ a very supportive Instructor ~ felt I could contact her anytime:)

~ videos are well done!

I always wanted to be a Vet.

After 30 years of Nursing, 12 years of Homeopath and 8 years as a Bowen Practitioner, I plan to work with animals when I retire:)

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