Posted May 3rd, 2016 in Shared Response5 Stories

A note from a very Special Couple

Below you will read a wonderful letter from a very special couple, Maryanne and Gary. They represent the kindness and compassion of the 100's of people that entrust their animals to me to improve their quality of life.

I wanted to add that Gary has taken the Response5 class. I guess they just like coming to see me!

Dear Debi,

We are writing to express our debt of gratitude to you and for introducing your wonderful treatment (Dog Bowen Physiotherapy) to our 13 year old Belgian Malinois named Maddie Cartwright.

For almost 18 months prior to seeing Debi Famelos and countless visits to the veterinarian including daily doses of medication, there seemed to be little improvement or progress in her condition. This condition consisted of lameness and stiffness to the neck and shoulder and also tightness in the hips causing limitations in her mobility and the inability to go for daily walks without experiencing discomfort that would last for days on end.

In the fall of 2013, we were introduced to Debi through friends of the family. At the beginning we were skeptical that such as passive noninvasive treatment could be so beneficial but we were soon found to be wrong. Within one month of treatment, there was a marked improvement in our dog’s condition which was highlighted by improved posture and mobility and her interaction with the family. Since then our Maddie is off all medication which consisted of anti -inflammatory (Medicam) and pain medication and this prevented her from having to take cortizone as the next course of recommended treatment. Maddie now looks forward to our regular walks and is still pain free since the fall of 2013 and especially enjoys her maintenance visits at Debi's.

In closing we would like to say that we highly recommend this form of treatment to anyone wishing to apply a noninvasive alternative. We will be forever grateful to Debi for restoring our Maddie’s quality of life.

We believe so strongly in this treatment, we have enclosed our contact information and would be pleased to talk to anyone who is interested so we can share this valuable information with others and answer any questions.

From: Garry and Mary-Ann Cartwright