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  • Your dog's health is in your hands. Everyday. Everywhere.

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- one of the most powerful tools we've been given as human beings is the ability to use our uniquely designed hands as a means to heal.

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The Method. The Science.

  • I'm urging anyone to add this skill to your life! Out of desperation to help our aging dog with Degenerative Myelopathy, I signed on to Response5. Within 3 weeks my wife and I were seeing noted differences. Better stability, less hesitation walking on the hardwood floors and a definite increase in energy.Debi's generous support was incredible!
    Bob and Louise ~Ohio

Backed with 14+ years of in-depth study and proven results!

Debi Famelos' vast experience and passion guides you to become a proactive participant in your dogs health. Ensuring that your dog’s mobility will have profound positive changes.

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Highly recommended by Dr.Karen Becker. Integrative Veterinarian. Worlds most followed Veterinarian!

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"What a beautiful gift to our animal community...I was so excited to talk to you because, in essence, dogs and cats both, oftentimes they compensate so well that we don't necessarily see that they are degenerating. And oftentimes, by the time that they really can't get up or they're starting to misstep, things have been going on for quite some time. And so, this is an opportunity where pet parents, the minute that maybe they hear a back toe drag, they could begin instituting this.[Response5]"

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Degenerative Myelopathy? 

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Your dog is showing signs of slowing down. This may be a diagnosed condition such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy or a spinal cord issue...

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Hiker Lifestyle

Whether you're away from veterinary care for a day, a week, a month. Live an off grid or a rural life, your skill set to care for your dog needs to be top notch. This includes...

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City Lifestyle

You and your dog share a beautiful city life together: home time, play time, exercise time. Your personal world views on health and well-being are intimately entwined...

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Agility Lifestyle

Your job is to ensure peek performance. My job is to ensure that you have the right skill to do just that! Regardless of the high level team work you...

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Response5 Has Proven To Increase Your Dogs Movement & Energy

Response5 is proactive health care that creates positive change in the body, unlike prescription pills that mask a condition - Ugh $$$.

It's not applied by a Professional (yet taught by one).

It's applied by you.


It's a form of body work that's kinda like a combination of massage and chiropractic yet nothing like it at all ... that's because Response5 uses your hands to directly connect with your dog's neurological system.

Learn it. Use it. Rely on it.

Be proud that you have it.

Feel empowered that YOU can help...

  • Response5 is well formatted site, clearly explained with excellent communication with the Instructor. I've experienced amazing results immediately following Response5 sessions. I teamed up with a Golden Retriever of 14 1/2 years recently had an episode of vestibular dysfunction and was literally flat on the floor for seven days. Prior to this, his hind legs were not always cooperative going up and down stairs and his tail had lost its wag. Early on during his confinement, I went to give him a Response5 treatment. Fast forward 7 days. He was up on his feet and moving better than before! Once he had regained his sense of balance and strength, he was determined to go up and down stairs. He can do so much better than before the episode. He literally runs down the yard now. I am convinced that the Response5 treatments followed by almost a week of inactivity have been key in his recovery and overall improvement in mobility.

Response5 is incredibly proud to meet the high standards and approval of the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork as a Preferred Educational Provider.

You're ensured a high quality in depth learning experience.

Response5 goes above and beyond to excel in Student success.

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