Meet Debi Famelos, Your Response5 Instructor

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Debi Famelos of the Canine Bowen Institute, Dog Bowen Therapy and Response5 discusses how she uses Response5 every day in her Practice to help dogs lead healthier, happier, more active lives.

My story begins much like your story...

I love dogs. I do everything in my power to ensure they have a great life, and I've searched high and low to discover a way to do that... and I've found it! With Response5.

For several years, I've had the indescribable pleasure and honour of helping to create better lives for countless dogs with mobility and health issues. Every breed, every age, and every mobility condition has walked (or been carried) through my clinic doors.

As you can probably imagine, it's an incredibly rewarding profession!

Humbling is a good word to use here.

To watch the transformation of dogs as they regain their ability to walk, run, play... is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

It's equally humbling to watch the transformation of their families,

from scared and desperate, to relieved and elated! 

We're a team here. A winning team!

As incredibly rewarding and enriched my life has been thus far, I have to admit, bringing Response5 into YOUR hands is far surpassing any dreams I could possibly have about my life!

Together we'll be improving the lives of thousands of dogs in every corner of the world!

Beginning with Yours!

With passion and dedication,


Response5 Dog Mobility Rehabilitation Online Training CourseDebi Famelos fills her life with dogs.

Her successful practice, in which Response5 is her 'Go-To" method of treatment, can be found in a beautiful lakeside port town in Niagara, Canada.

Driven by the high success rate of Response5 in her daily practice, in combination with the desperate emails and phone calls from people all across North America and the world, Debi has meticulously created this online course for you.

Debi is also the founder of the Canine Bowen Institute in which she passionately teaches Animal Bowen Therapy.

Her goal is simple: to help you help your dog. No matter where you live, Debi can now provide you with the tools to profoundly change the mobility health of all the animals in your life!

As you will quickly come to know, Debi is an incredible teacher. But more importantly, she is passionate about helping you to incorporate Response5 into your life!

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