There's an answer for DM...Response5

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Through out your search for a helping hand...a solution...hope for your dog, you've arrived here.

I'm so glad you did.

DM, (as with all conditions that effect the nervous system) need a neurological approach to resolve the mobility deficits that your dog is currently experiencing.

As you read the below stories from families such as yourself you'll find a similar thread from desperation to sheer joy.

Every stage of DM is represented here...

With commitment to help you and your dog,

Debi Famelos

  • Tanner (DM) Treatment Update – Video

    It’s been a while since I updated you and I am anxious to share some things! Tanner continues to do well. He can walk for miles, though I generally limit it to a mile several times a week.
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  • Jezzabelle – German Shepherd with DM ~ Video

    I cant watch her fall apart and not give her my 110% effort to try and help her. I also have two of her pups and fear their future with the disease as well. I’m begging for advise and direction from anyone with knowledge.
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  • Tobi – Stronger and More Stable

    Tobi has more energy now. He is “running” at times in his wheelchair on our walks. He appears to be stronger- standing longer, more stable when standing, walking on his own more often, stretching more than he has in the past 3 months.
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  • Alex, 10 year old Australian Cattle Dog with DM

    Recently my 10 yr old Australian cattle dog, Alex, was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. In two short months he has gone from minimal signs to severe onset of lack of coordination, foot dragging, incontinence and severe head tilt.
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  • Bob and Louise

    I’m urging anyone to add this skill to your life! Out of desperation to help our ageing dog with Degenerative Myelopathy, I signed on to Response5. Within 3 weeks my wife and I were seeing noted differences. Better stability, less hesitation walking on the hardwood floors and a definite increase in energy. Debi’s generous support was incredible!
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