Hi Debi
Tobi has more energy now. He is “running” at times in his wheelchair on our walks. He appears to be stronger- standing longer, more stable when standing, walking on his own more often, stretching more than he has in the past 3 months. When walking him around in his harness he is still fairly wobbly at times. He seems to have good days and not so good days (I wouldn’t say he has “bad” days). Some days he is more wobbly than others. I’m not sure if the exercise the day prior plays a factor. Some days I find he really places his feet under his belly when he walks, which causes him to really lose balance when walking. Other days I’m hardly stabilizing hom in his harness when he walks.

As I mentioned a few times prior, Tobi was steadily declining each week. Since his Response5 it appears he has stabilized and I would say he is stronger, has more energy and has a bit more stability. We are going on 20-30min walks (in his wheelchair) twice a day now. Prior he was doing about 10 mins twice a day. I’ve seen a big change in his moral.

We are doing Response5 every 4 days.

You’ve been a blessing to us as I feel somewhat abandoned from our vets here. One has not been in contact with us since Oct (they told me he 100 percent doesn’t have DM, but rather he has arthritis in his spine). The other vet of ours has been in contact, but is only offering medications. Since we have been in contact with you,  so much has changed for the better.  Watching Tobi decline so quickly each week was emotionally exhausting, especially with not being able to help him. Since communicating with you, our days are not doom and gloom. We just go about our days as we did before! He seems much happier and of course that makes me happy!

Thank you so much for taking the time for us!Tobi

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