For answers to our most commonly asked questions about Response5 and how it can help change your dog's life, please read through our FAQs below, or get in touch today!

  • What is Response5?

    Response5 is a 5-step, easy-to-learn technique designed to improve mobility in dogs. The key to the effectiveness of this technique is the use of direct neurological responses. All you need to learn the Response5 technique are your hands, and a desire to help your dog.

  • Will Response5 be effective for a variety of mobility issues?

    Yes. From arthritis to paralysis and everything in between, Response5 uses an 'ALL BODY' approach to unlock and reset the body.

  • How does it work?

    Response5 targets the central nervous system to restore dogs' bodies from a wide variety of mobility issues. Though somewhat complex on a conceptual level, Response5 is super easy to learn, so no worries; you'll catch on in no time in your Response5 course. 

  • Do I need to understand anatomy in order for Response5 to work?

    No. As long as you can find your dogs shoulder blades and hip bones, you'll be successful!

  • Does Response5 help anxiety and fear?

    Response5 is designed for mobility restoration... but here's the big side BONUS! Because it addresses ALL the systems in the body, it can also calm the body and release long-standing negative emotions and fears.

  • My dog is a senior. How can Response5 help?

    I love seniors! Along with helping to ease the pain and discomfort caused by arthritis and wear and tear on hips, knees and shoulders, Response5 also brings back the 'spark' in a senior dog. To me, this is the most rewarding part of Response5!

  • How can Response5 help my dog recover from surgery?

    Recovering from any kind of mobility surgery creates compensation within the body. For example, knee surgery creates stress on the "good leg" during recovery, which, when left to compensate for too long, can cause the "good knee" to need surgery within a year or two! Pretty counter-productive, right?

    Response5 helps to put the body back into a balanced state during recovery. Use Response5 pre-surgery as well to help make recovery even more successful!

  • I'm involved in animal rescue. How will Response5 help rescue dogs?

    Love that you're out there doing so much for these dogs! I don't need to tell you about the stress that these dogs are carrying.

    Response5 naturally creates a sense of inner calm and can often release emotional trauma. And as you very well know, rescue dogs come with a variety of health and mobility issues, which can also be treated with Response5.

    Whether you are able to use Response5 on a dog one time as they pass through your Rescue agency, or multiple times as they wait for a new home, know that you have helped in a great way! Even the most fearful dogs respond well to Response5's gentle, light touch.

  • My dogs are athletes. Can Response5 improve their performance?

    Yes. Consider Response5 your secret weapon in the performance ring! Use Response5 before an event to kick-start your dog's body into full gear, and use it after the event to take care of any strains on the body.

    Using Response5 as part of your active dog's health regimen is a win-win for your dog!

  • My Dog has cancer. Is it okay to use Response5?

    First of all, always be sure seek a veterinarian's advice if your dog is ill. Response5 is non-invasive and designed to be effective without side-effects. It is calming to the body and mind and addresses all systems within the body.

    Response5 gives you the opportunity to take an active role in the care of your dog. It's very empowering to know you can help.

  • Does Response5 replace veterinary care?

    No, never. Any time your dog is sick or injured, your first step must be to make an appointment with a veterinarian. Response5 is designed to supplement the care of a qualified Veterinarian.

  • Do I have to be a calm person to make this work? I'm kind of hyper!

    It sounds like you need Response5! What you'll discover quickly in your Response5 class is that the very nature of applying this technique slows you down. It calms your dog, leaving you no choice but to be calm too! Get started today!

  • I'm not into energy work and all that 'voodoo' stuff. Is Response5 like that?

    I get what you're saying. No, Response5 isn't like that. It's a well mapped out neurological technique that only requires your hands and a desire to help your dog. No mantras or healing crystals necessary!

  • Is it like massage?

    No. Massage is wonderful and creates relief. Response5 creates change!

  • Is it easy to learn?

    As easy as 1-2-3. Actually, it's as easy as 1-2-3-4-5! Five simple steps to mobility restoration!

    The Response5 class is designed to be easy to learn, an employs a variety of learning styles such as video, audio, diagrams  and step-by-step instruction. You stay connected with your Instructor on a weekly basis via email, and always have the opportunity to ask questions!

  • How long does it take to learn?

    Great question! You've likely found yourself here because you need to take action right now!

    Response5 Class is designed with two learning formats in mind. You can jump right in with the 'Quick Start' class, and get a grasp of the technique in less than an hour. Or, you can take a more methodical approach in the 'Deep Learning' class.

    It's up to you which one you start with!

  • Is Response5 expensive? I love my dog, but budget is a concern.

    I get it.  Response5 is designed with budget in mind.

    I completely understand that the high cost of animal health care can be problematic for many people! Response5 not only costs less than an average vet visit, but its a skill that you have for a life time! Use it over and over and over....with as many animals as you can possible help! Start Today!

  • Who's using Response5?

    Men and woman of all ages and from all walks of life. They all have one common goal... to help their dogs.

  • When can I begin?

    Today! You're just one click away from the Response5 Class. Learn it Once. Create change for a lifetime.