Hello Debi

It’s been a while since I updated you and I am anxious to share some things!

Tanner continues to do well. He can walk for miles, though I generally limit it to a mile several times a week.

He gained all 10 lbs back! I couldn’t believe it when I looked at the scale. His strength and stability is good and he has little trouble going up entire flights of stairs!

Another amazing thing is that every year his allergies have been so bad at this time of year, that I have to put him on apoquel for 6-8 weeks to get him through the worst of it. This year he shows almost no sign of allergies. Every once in a while I will see him chew on his feet for a short period of time. He sleeps well and almost never scratches. I can’t believe the difference. Prior years his misery would nearly drive me out of my mind.

I am using Response5 weekly. Two sessions about 5 min apart.

I’ve decided to work towards Response5 certification!

I am working on a pug with similar issues as Tanner ( DM ) and a black lab. They’re both showing improvement!

The pug is proving to be a little more challenging. She has lost bladder control, as well as instability in her back end. After 3 sessions, however, she is much more stable and able to stand for long periods of time and pulls her owner around:) Hoping that the other issues will improve too!

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