We have an 8 year young female German shepherd. We have been told recently by our vet that she has DM. She seems to be in the early stages of it. I really wanna try your therapy, but unfortunately no one around me (that i can find) offer it. I cant watch her fall apart and not give her my 110% effort to try and help her. I also have two of her pups and fear their future with the disease as well. I’m begging for advise and direction from anyone with knowledge. We are located in Ohio US  and searching for help. Thank you!

17 days later…

We’re really enjoying Response5 and working with our dogs. Thanks so much! I actually see improvement and my fiance Daniel also thinks it has helped a lot so far.

Before therapy:
Feet tangeling with one another
A LOT of dragging her foot
Not using to scratch or stretching it
Trouble on lenolium floor
When getting off couch wouldn’t land on left leg

-mainly all her left side seemed to be affected.

After starting therapy:
More stability
Less to almost no feet tangeling
A little bit of foot dragging here and there
Has not fell on lenolium floor since we started therapy
Will use her leg to land on now but had to be both legs
Will use it to scratch and even getting her ears with it
She is stretching it again too, not all the way yet.

And in general looks better when she is walking.

Just wanted to send an update. Thanks so much!

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