I can't thank you enough for making it possible for myself and all the other people you must have helped with the 5 Steps.

Portia's response to the 5 steps has been almost unbelievable.  

The day following the first session I noticed that there was a change in her footsteps on the wooden floor - the back legs weren't dragging like they had been previously.  She was very eager to go out for the walk later and her pace had increased - she wanted to be out in front again.

Over the course of the next few days I noticed that she seemed happier - playing with her 'sister' Lexie.

We have been able to resume our previous walking routine of three walks totalling about 90 minutes a day plus time in the garden.  

One morning early she ran amok in the garden chasing something (it was dark and we have possums and wallabies around) so I know she feels comfortable now running as she always was a very active girl.

I have also noticed that the two middle nails on her back feet have started to grow again - when I first contacted you they were very short - now they are definitely growing again.

I am so very grateful for your help and advice - I feel that I now have my beautiful girl back.

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