Canine Bowen Quick Pro combines world renowned Response5 and the power of  Whole Body Balance to bring you exactly what you need to address deep neurological issues (and boost your business).

And remember: Canine Bowen is a gentle, yet highly effective means of addressing the neurological system via connective tissue (fascia) OR simply put: Neurological Restoration for Animals.

It's known as the missing link in animal health care because it's a neurological pathway to recovery that standard veterinary care simply doesn't offer.

My goal in creating Quick Pro is to give you an impactful yet fast path to soar you to the next level of your dreams. All the road blocks have been taking away and 15 years of experience has been poured in!

What you WON’T be getting with Quick Pro:

  • obligation to do case studies
  • obligation to do assignments
  • commitment to show up at scheduled times 
  • commitment to purchase more courses
  • minimal support
  • unaffordable pricing

Here's what the standard way of learning Canine Bowen Therapy looks like...

And this is the path that's been created for YOU...

Canine Bowen Quick Pro gives you exactly what you need to succeed, fast!

  • Instant access ( register, grab your personal login from the welcome email and begin)
  • One on one support anytime you need it (on your time schedule)
  • Combined Response5 and Whole Body Balance to get you learning and applying quickly and easily ( its all there, all at once)
  • Lifetime access (start immediately, review months or years down the road)
  • Self paced learning (who wants time restraints, right?!)
  • All you need to apply to your business, now. ( Really? Yup!)
  • 100 % online. Learn from wherever you are. (...and yes of course it's mobile friendly!)

Detailed learning backed with 10 years of  teaching experience: 

  • Step by step videos
  • Plus an accompanied manual to ensure a deep learning experience

Access to 2 Learning Libraries (here's a small sampling)

  • FAQ's for Response5 and Whole Body Balance (super helpful)
  • Bonus learning videos (I like to teach what I know!)
  • Assessment skills  (Admittedly I'm a geek on this subject and may have gone overboard sharing this with you) 
  • A ton of Quick Pro Tips, woohoo! (to make it all more fun and impactful for you)
  • Anatomy and Physiology related to Animal Bowen Therapy (I've kept it simple)
  • Bonus Anatomy and Physiology (just in case you want to dig deep!)
  • And one more really important thing...

To celebrate you and my 10 years of teaching this incredible neurological restoration therapy I've added a Budget Friendly Button!

Be one of the first 100 Canine Bowen Quick Pro students to register and be gifted a $300 OFF Promo code

We're really celebrating!