Posted May 3rd, 2016 in Shared Response5 Stories

Told it was time to Euthanize

Cruiser was an incredibly determined Doberman. So is Williard, Cruisers family Dad. That's how they found me!

Williard had runout of options for Cruiser. Their Vet had tried it all and nothing was was suggested that it was Time.

After a Google search they came upon my website and thought..."Let's give this a go!"

By this time Response5 was firmly planted in my hands and my heart as my "Go To" technique.

I had seen wonderful results time and time again and new instantly that Response5 was the best approach for Cruiser.

The body doesn't need a lot to change, it just needs the right things. Response5 is just what the Central Nervous System needs to kick start it into recovery.

Let me add here. Even though I had lots of experience with the success of Response5, I had never had a case like was a wait and see kinda of thing.

Watch the video...

Note: You'll see the word "Bowen", Response5 has its roots in this technique.