Posted May 3rd, 2016 in Shared Response5 Stories

Weimaraner with cancerous tumour

I have a background in Canine Massage. I had been working with a 9 year old female Weimaraner, Zoe, who has a cancerous tumour in the thoracic area. At the time I was under the guidance of my Canine Massage Instructor. Together we were seeing that Zoe was getting some relief.


Once I took Response5, amazing changes were noted!

That's not to say massage didn't have its place, but we saw noted improvement after applying Response5.

Her breathing improved.

Her coat became softer and her body temperature warmed up immensely.

Zoe is not CURED and thats not the point or the goal here. 

I can honestly say the most wonderful part about this is to see Zoe excited about her walks, her anticipation for whats to come,

...and the release of my own expectation, that "I will SAVE her."

The families goal was to improve Zoe's quality of life and I am so grateful they allowed me to be a part it.