Posted Aug 10th, 2016 in Shared Response5 Stories

Unsure if this will work? (video)

We will each have our humble beginnings when learning Response5

  • you may feel a lack of self confidence
  • you may be untrusting of the technique
  • you may fear that it wont work
  • or fear that you wont get it!

I know these feelings very well.

I started here too.

In fact I began in a room surrounded by people I had no business being with. Dog Professionals, Veterinarians and Bowen Practitioners for Humans.

I wanted to crawl away and never return!

What kept me there?

  • My deep desire to understand a way in which animals could be helped.
  • A way in which "I" was the one helping to change lives!
  • I wanted to create a neurological change, not just mask the problem with drugs.

So I kept learning, and practicing, all the while feeling full of self doubt. day...I got my moment!

The one that will stick with me forever!

The one that let me know that I had arrived!

It WILL happen to you too.


And that's when I'll get your excited email and together we'll be CELEBRATING!

You'll realize that your desire to help animals is bigger than your lack of confidence, and everything from that point on will be a blessing to you. And to your animals.

This same desire is why I am here. Right now. To help you.

Trust Response5.

I've put in a decade of time and experience in perfecting this technique so that it is simply to learn, easy to apply, and most importantly to heed results quickly!

Still unsure this will work?

You should be!

It's human nature to feel doubtful when we step into something new.

So feel the self doubt...and then do the work you are meant to do anyway...Response5.