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Can you see the difference?

I recently had an incredible Belgian Malinois named Diamond, here at my Dog Bowen Therapy Practice.
She and her Best Friend Kim live an impressively active life which include major weekly hikes.
( all the power to you both!)

Sadly, their hikes were abruptly halted when Diamond developed a limp, one which was checked by a Specialist and diagnosed as an unfounded neurological deficit.

Enough said,
watch the Before and After videos below...(taken by Kim)

P.S. Kim attached this message to my email,

Ok Miss Miracle Worker lol.

Look at my pup today!

P.S.S. Bonus: watch the Before video a few times to enhance your visual assessment skills!

1. Which leg has the limp?

2. Can you see the head bobbing up and down?

3. When the head bobs up, its taking pressure off the sore limb....see it?




Answer: It's the front right limb!