What's the best path for you?

Whether you're hear to make changes with your own dog, or to become an Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioner to change the lives of hundreds even thousands of animals,

...it all begins with Response5.


Because Response5 has proven itself over time to be the ultimate 5 Step formula for deep rooted neurological conditions!

It's very design makes it highly effective for families who wish to help their own animals.

And its a fabulous way to kick start the learning (with great results) for upcoming Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioners.

I am SO IMPRESSED with the quality of your instructional videos  - the whole program!!. Its so well thought out!  I wish I had done this when I first found you last winter!

- Darcy, USA

I must applaud the high quality of the program and the successful development of useful and effective modes of delivery - excellent videos and learning materials as well as practical assignments to support the learning process. The case studies were practical and provided an opportunity to experiment with various species and develop a personal routine and mode of the practice. 

- Cathy Slaney

Let's begin  here with your Response5 Information Guide

 After completion of the Responses and the Levels 1,2 it is amazing just how much I have learned in these courses. Not only the moves but the background of various breeds, most commonly occurring diseases, behaviour, anatomy especially bone and muscle structure. The practise sessions showed how different the dogs even of the same breed can feel when doing the hands-on assessment. 

- Elin Langron, Estonia

Debi I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your work and effort in making Canine Bowen a reality. 

~ Francine, Canada

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3 Easy Steps to becoming an Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioner

Canine Bowen Institute Response5

Canine Bowen Institute Whole body Balance

Canine Bowen Institute

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Life As An Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioner

"Odd" But Important Questions

"Thank you for starting this program. It has touched so many lives. I’m excited that so many more want to join this journey.

Part of me also wants to tell no one so we can have this "superpower" all to ourselves, but since we can’t be everywhere, I guess we can share it"


"I especially want to thank you Debi, for always being there for me and being patient with all my questions. I am sure I will have more. You are the biggest reassurance that gives me the biggest confidence!"


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