The Rescue Response Dance You'll Be Learning

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A simple yet effective process of 5 steps. Response5 can be likened to learning an easy yet addictive dance routine! 

The value comes in putting them together and practicing the routine until it becomes a natural rhythm within you. The beauty of RRT is that it's always the same powerful routine no matter what mobility issue you are needing to address.

5 Steps. That's it!

The "dance" partner may change (the dog, the cat...), the "dance" hall may change (your living room, the park, the animal shelter...) the speed of the "dance" may change (sometimes it slow and methodical, sometimes it quick and playful), but the "dance" itself stays the same.

Whether you're treating arthritis, hip dysplasia, paralysis, a knee injury, a spinal injury or even post surgery recovery... It's all the same "dance"!

Simple. Right?!

Each with it's own value, which when put together evolve into an incredibly effective solution to your dog's mobility issue. Use it anywhere. Anytime.

Like any well choreographed dance, RRT provides a naturally organized progression of 5 modules so that one step flows easily into the next.

Repetition is vital to any form of learning (dance routines or RRT), so plenty of opportunity to learn through repetition is built into this program.

RRT uses video, audio, transcripts, diagrams and email to support your learning style.