I am reporting the results of the 10 Day application of Respnse5 on Luca my 13 year old Siberian Husky.

Maybe six months ago I became a ware that something wasn't right. I thought Luca had the beginnings of arthritis in his rear legs. Now I believe it is DM I changed his diet taking him off kibble and giving him meats, vegetables and fish. He went from being in pain and dragging his left foot to a happy energetic dog running and enjoying long walks. Then one day he charged up the steps behind me and made a bad turn on the rug. He hurt his right leg. The next few weeks were difficult.

Before Response5:

1. He holds his head lower

2. Limps on the right foot dragging his nails

3. Left Foot points outward when standing and slightly behind the right..

4. Tires significantly with short walks

5. Tail points to the left

6. Right leg sometimes trembles

7. Can't go up stairs

8. Painful when lying down and getting up

9. Right foot pad might be a bit off the ground when standing

10. Won't get into the car

11. He isn't interested in eating. He makes repeated trips to the food and doesn't finish it.

12. He doesn't want to play during our nightly playtime.

After the first application of Response5 I noticed improvement.

After 10 days:

1. His head is often higher thou not as high as the past. But he comes from show dogs and perhaps had a stance a bit different than the standard Siberian.

2. His limp is frequently gone. He drags his right foot when he gets tired but even then much less than before.

3. His stance has improved. His left foot doesn't point outward when standing. His legs seem a bit further apart than before. He had been keeping his rear legs close together.

4. Walks are a little longer. He wants to go further but I'm afraid he won't make it back to the house.

5. Tail is still a bit to the left. I haven't been as aware of this as I should.

6. I haven't seen his legs tremble for at least a week.

7. He won't attempt to come up stairs although I know he wants to. Perhaps he remembers the pain and is hesitant?

8. He still has pain getting up and down but doesn't whimper and is getting up faster.

9. Overall stance is better with both feet wider apart and facing forward, both pads on the floor. His left foot is still often slightly behind the right foot.

10. Haven't tried to get him into the car. I am afraid of hurting him again. Perhaps later.

11. This last week he has been a chow hound eating all his food in one sitting and going back to lick the plate.

12. He enjoys his play time and goes through it with energy even complaining when I don't do my part fast enough.

So, much of my dog is back but there is still room for improvement. Perhaps I am too hopeful. Most importantly, he is happy again. He is starting to bounce around again and I try to slow him up afraid he will hurt himself again.

What I would like to see:

1. More endurance

2. Less pain

3. His ability to come upstairs again.

I would appreciate your thoughts and guidelines as to how to proceed.

Jerry B

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