My whole purpose for taking Response5 was to help my beloved 12 year old German Shepherd with his struggle with hip dysplasia. I know without a doubt that we shared an extra 18 months of our lives together simply because I took the time each week to apply Response5! 

I have to admit, I was desperate to find something, anything, to help Sarge. He was maxed out on medication and it was killing me to see him struggle with every step he took.

...and it made sense to me to take a neurological approach (which is what Response5 does) to help him.

Well, it took less than three weeks to see results! Sarge began to get up with less effort and to follow me around the yard, which he hadn't done in months!

Slowly we could see that he was standing taller and when people came over to visit they were commenting on how well he was doing!

In the end, Sarge developed a massive tumor in his spleen and we had to say our good byes...Response5 was the last gift I gave him before we made the slow sad drive to our Vets.

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