As a Certified Bowen Practitioner I had already the full trust in the Bowen Technique however seeing how well dogs respond to Bowen it increased by trust and belief in Bowen to another level. It is not only getting the satisfaction and pleasure on watching the dog heal as you are treating them it is also seeing how much dogs love getting the treatments. Once they have had one treatment and you start the second treatment they seem to give in immediately and start enjoying the moves. I know two of my dogs just melt as soon as I start treating them. I am so looking forward in taking the next level of the Canine Bowen and look forward to being certified so that I could help other dogs to get feeling better so they too can enjoy their life.

I want to take this opportunity in thanking you Debi for all the effort that you have put into this wonderful online Canine Bowen course. I was so glad to see that this was now available to us in Canada (globally). I have been searching all through my Human Bowen course on how and where I can take the Canine Bowen. My passion for dogs is so strong and I did not want to only treat people with Bowen I always wanted to also have a clinic for Canine as well and now my dream has come a reality All thanks to you so THANK YOU so much for all of your efforts and also to be readily available to me. This has been a great experience !

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