Have completed the 10 day (7 session) recommended Response 5 program with my patterdale terrier Jack & thrilled that I can see an improvement in such short time. Jack is a rescue & don't know his history but he is much loved member of our family since he was about 18-24months old. He is now 9-10yrs+ of age & was in good health apart from sight problems caused by cataracts. First noticed end of 2021 his not wanting to go for walks or only wanting to go out every other day, then he started having difficulty raising leg to pee & unable to jump up on sofa in evenings with us. His vet diagnosed left hind leg lameness with suspected spinal spondylosis, possible arthritis & poor proprioception or DM. The muscle of his leg hind leg has atrophy & started dragging leg,scrapping paw & was struggling to stand, preferring to sit or lie down all the time. When walking or standing to eat ( before the Response5 sessions) he always held tail over to the left side & walked in crab like manner.
After the 10day program what a transformation he is much happier, not sleeping all the time, he is more alert able to get up easier & walking not holding his tail to the left all the time & actually wanting to go for a walk, albeit short ones at the moment. Could you please advise what I should do next with continuing the Response5 . Was thinking of starting him on treadmill hydrotherapy to help with muscle rebuilding. Do you think that would also be helpful? I'm so grateful & thankful for you & Response5. I have taken some videos of Jack before & after Response5 which I can send you.

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