I have just finished the 10 day formula and I’m writing to you for further instructions.
A little history.
My dog is a 13 year old mixed breed. Predominantly border collie, lab and shepherd.
Her name is Izzy and she up until this point has always been one of the happiest dogs I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.
This past summer I noticed that she would not put her rear hide leg down when I took her out for her morning walk.
After about an hour she started to put her leg down
I took her to the vets and was told she had arthritis in her right leg.
She was started on metacam, to which I purchased the larges bottle available.
Over the coarse of three to four months her condition worsened.
She was stumbling
She stopped wagging her tail
Would slip when trying to get up.
Very hesitant to get into the car
Back left leg turning out at the same time holding both back legs together when standing.
Decreased appetite
Did not want to play
Did not greet me at the door like she once did.
Given her age and her previous diagnosis I still believed it to be arthritis.
Feeling that the medication was not helping I thought I would try taking her to a chiropractor.
It was there that a neurological condition was mentioned.
I came home and googled this and that is when I discovered Izzy had all of the symptoms of DM.
I was simply in shock as I never heard of this before and have had many dogs in my life as well as knowing many others that have had dogs as well, with no mention of this condition.
I was simply heart broken to read that there has no treatment nor cure.
In my search for a better prognosis I came across your site. Thankfully.
I purchased the course that day.
I have to say I didn’t notice any improvements after the first couple of treatments. As a matter of fact the day after the first double treatment I woke up to find she had lost control over her bladder.
I think that she was straining to stand and voided at the same time. Unable to pull herself up she must have fallen back into the urine as her side was all wet.
The following day was another double treatment and by the next morning I awoke to a brand new dog.
She was happy. Had a better appetite. More stable. Less hesitant to get into the car and was able to do a flight of stairs.
I could not believe the improvement.
She had a great day that day.
The next day was good but not as good as the previous one.
Today was the last day of the ten day formula and I’m wondering what to do next.
I thank you so very much for this program and I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements in my Izzy girl
Thanks again.
I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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