Wow it has almost been a year since I started Luca on Response5.
Luca is going very well. Actually without Response5 I suspect he wouldn't be around.
However, I have a question.

About three weeks ago he suddenly stopped eating.  I had to coax him to eat even a  quarter of a pound of food.  He lost more weight than I was comfortable with.  At this point I had become lax in using Response5.  About four days ago I decided to start using it again.  The next day he began to eat everything that I gave him with no coaxing.  Today I saw the first sign that he gained some weight. 

On my part this was a bit of a "Hail Mary" play. I have no idea why he suddenly didn't want to eat. It can't be coincidental that he fully recovers after one treatment.

Have you ever seen this kind of a response?

Thanks Much,

from Debi:

Yes I do see this response...often!

It's one of the best parts of Response5.

Thats's why I say. " Try it for every never know what will transpire"

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