Good morning Debi-

Monday will be my last day for Charlie's 2nd step to Response 5. May I ask you what I should do next? Should I keep doing the 2nd step Response 5?
I have seen more of an improvement this time with his walking. He isn't laying all of the time and gets up more often. When walking on our walks, he seems to feel much more comfortable with going up and down street curbs; before he would get up and then come back down falling mostly on his left back leg.
He still limps a bit on his left hind leg. 
He hasn't done what I call a sit and spin where he will sit and when wanting to turn around he will do turn around while sitting so as to not have to get up and turn around. These are the most notable changes I have seen in Charlie so far.

Thank you for all of your help and suggestions-

Kylene W

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