I did the Ten Day Formula and wrote back to you. You then sent me a personal email and set out a special Formula for Georgie, my dog with Degenerative Myelopathy. I completed that formula. Some improvements. Not falling when she poops and is able to turn better without falling. Her tail hangs naturally when we go walking outside. It does not wag to the left or right.
Here is the situation at present. Mostly when inside and lying down. When she gets up to walk, be it to go out on the patio, to go to her feeding station, or just walk around the main floor, Georgie tends to have her back end tilted towards the floor at times, her legs still come together and also get tangled at the back end, she also tips, sways over to the left and right, her tail tends to stay between her two back legs and of course her two back legs stretch far apart at times. I hope with all that I have presented to you, you will be able to send me a Formula that will help to improve some of these symptoms.

Larry, Carl and Georgie.

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