I remember the day I came across the Response5 website and registered. I knew this was what I wanted to pursue as a career. It had everything that excites me about working with animals, aligns with my values and laid out in such a clear, simple format for learning. 

I love your streamlined instructions and videos that make learning and applying almost immediate. I was practicing the same day on Roley, much to his pleasure at rolling over onto his back every time I tried to do one of the steps, making it very challenging, lol.

As I was thinking about my experience with Response5, I just started jotting down in bullet form what I love about the modality and realized it touches on many of my core values, my lifelong love of animals and my voracious appetite for personal development over the past 20 years or so.

Here is that list:

Simple – and uncomplicated to learn and I can get better as I go. I could follow the short videos easily and stop and go back. I could remember the steps because there are only 5! It’s a brilliant student portal.

Subtle and Profound – As with any true inner change, it’s beautifully subtle. I love that I am just a facilitator of the animal’s innate, God given ability to heal.

Powerful – I loved being surprised and amazed at the results of such a light touch!

RESULTS – even before the actual physical results usually after the 3rd session, often seeing the dog’s immediate response by licking, calming, releasing. I love results that are fast and consistent and that I can trust Response5 to deliver relief and healing.

Deepens connection – this is a big one for me as connection and quality time is everything to me. The time spent getting to know both the dog and family member was so rewarding, especially in Katie’s case as I didn’t really know Karen before. I got as much reward from connecting with Karen and easing her anxiety as I did bonding with Katie and easing her pain and frustration during her last weeks.

Science, energy and spirit - all rolled into one! I love that Response5 has all of these aspects. The science base made sharing it with prospective case studies easier and took the ‘woo woo’ out of it. I get woowoo, but many don’t, so I like the scientific credibility behind this beautifully energetic modality.

Increases awareness – I actually love that it made me so aware of what I wasn’t paying attention to when taking pics and videos and while doing the case studies. Also, awareness of creating a mindfulspace for the pet to process. There is so much to observe and pay attention to that can tell me what pets are experiencing.

Leading edge and non-mainstream – it seems that there is so much new awareness and fascination about the importance of fascia in the medical community, yet no talk of utilizing its incredible neurological network for solutions. Response5 is like having the most leading-edge advances in pet wellness delivered through human touch!

More to Learn - I love that Response5 is just the beginning and I can continue to learn, practice and change lives! Thank you for developing such an easy way to help our pets and start a dream career!

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