I was very pleased with the course.

Being a Bowen practitioner, I have been interested Bowen for animals for some time. I would love to be able to take the courses for large animals as well.

I was particularly interested in how to appraise the animal for areas of weakness. I found that very useful.

The only drawback is that now every time I look at a dog I am analyzing its posture!

That's ok though I do the same with people. Just an occupational hazard I guess. 

As far as fears...I guess my biggest fear was how the dogs would react. Especially ones like Izzy who have fear aggression.

Nobody wants to get bit or even snapped at.

I was pleased with how quickly they are able to ascertain that your touch is to do them good not harm.

She went from greeting me with loud barks and hair raised to greeting me with her usual someone is here bark and quickly calming down for her treatment even wagging her little stumpy tail.

I look forward to learning more and being able to put this into practice.

Mari Lynn 

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