I wasn't sure how I was going to use Response5 when I first learned it, but now I use it daily in my Grooming Business!

It all started with a, lets just say, less than cooperative Cocker Spaniel. Love her, but man oh man she was by far one of my most difficult clients.

We tried everything, but in the end, we were left to use a muzzle on her at each visit.

Once I learned Response5 I asked her family if I could try using Response5 on her before we started grooming her. They were all for it!

I took my time and went though each of the 5 steps. By step 3 she let out a yawn and layed down (no kidding!). After I completed the 5 steps I let her rest for several minutes.

Then I quietly began to groom her.

Admittedly I kept the muzzle close by, thinking for sure the "calm" would wear off, but it didn't!

This was a huge relief for me, her and her family... and taught me a very big lesson.

I now know that I have a tool that will calm and support a dogs well being in a situation that otherwise is difficult for them.

I've learned to slow myself down, respect the dogs fears and take the time to apply Response5.

As much as I love dogs and love what I do, Response5 has added a deeper connection to my work.

Thanks Debi, for putting this out in the world for anyone to learn. It changes lives.


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