Response5 Case Study Summary, congrats Sherri for moving on to Level 1! ~ Debi
I learnt a lot about dogs mobility and different conditions I'd never noticed before, not even in my own dogs. I'm now even performing Response5 on my husky post run and once i have someone to help me hold my highly anxious, young, deaf border collie I'll start treating him as well.
I found Tilly very much like treating my own injuries and with her sometimes aggressive temperament seeing her progress in both aspects was very rewarding.
Esky had distractions of her fur sibling and the lack of help to control her by her humans was a challenge. I need to be more assertive with the owners in order to get a better response and have Esky more relaxed and receptive.
Maliki was a hard one. Being undiagnosed I had follow my instincts and also let her take the lead even though her mobility issues are sporadic she still benefited from Response5.
All in all, stage one (Response5) was a gentle lead into Bowen Therapy and i look forward to learning even more skills to help give as many pooches a better quality of life whether its an age related issue, and injury or condition.
Every dog deserves the best outcome possible. Especially considering how much unconditional joy they bring us.

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