Hi Debi,

Thank you very much! Very excited on completing this first stage! 
I appreciate your prompt feedback and thoughtful insights.  
At some points I wasn't sure if I was providing enough information on the case studies. 
It was for my own knowledge too, making sure I'm providing you with enough information or if I need to include more in a specific area as I go along. 

Though the therapies are different, I certainly found similarity Bowen has to canine massage in regards to the approach and regular self-checking! 
The importance of being aware of pressure, speed as well as maintaining my own focus and energy and the energy of family members is a common thread.
The Bowen treatment outcomes were very motivating when I could see there was an improvement in a dog's mobility and/or mood. 
When other people noticed it, I was reallly excited! 
Dog's seem to have a different threshold for  discomfort and even though I have some skill in seeing where an imbalance is and thanks to your instruction, I feel like I have more confidence in that ability.
I compliment you on the amount of work you put into creating the online Response5 course. I thoroughly enjoyed the practice. 
It is well thought out and the learning progresses naturally from one step to the next. 

I am always inspired by the body's ability in healing itself and finding ways to encourage that "yin" healing in our "yang" world! I think Bowen encourages that healing. 
I'm excited to learn more to be able to address speciific canine issues, to offer families an alternative, effective therapy to support their dog's health and to give dogs the ability to enjoy the most out of life at any age! 

Thank you Debi and congratulations on the IAAMB/ACWT certification! That's fantastic! 

Enjoy your weekend! All the best, 

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