I just had a really great experience with Response5 that I thought I'd share with you:).

We have two very ill patients at my work, a cat and a dog, both have been hooked up on IV fluids the past couple days.

We had a slow morning today so I figured I'd try Response 5 on the cat who is hospitalized for liver failure.

So I started with my moves and my waits, she's was having pretty typical responses, she became more alert and her breath rate increased, she then started purring and kneading and looked very inquisitive and toward the end her eyes looked very relaxed and calm.

But the amazing part about the experience was actually the hospitalized dog, who is housed just under the cat. He usually sits in the back corner of his kennel and sleeps, but as I was working on Lilo he stood up for a bit and paused, then he came and sat down at the front of his kennel in front of me.

I can't fully describe the feeling I had but I felt so connected with both of the animals, it was very emotional, my eyes welled up a bit and I got goosebumps and for a moment everything felt surreal.

Oh! and have to add..Just a little update, Lilo has had zero interest in eating since she arrived and I just walked by her kennel and her face was in her bowl

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