Lymphatic Drainage Procedure Description

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Prerequisites: unless an emergency situation

Week 1 - WBB
Week 2 – WBB include Move 19 and Kidney Move (always after Move 10) – this further opens the body to receive the Lymphatic Drainage Procedure in week 3.
Week 3 - This treatment as a Procedure

Lymphatic Drainage Procedure (LDP):
Moves 1 and 2 of WBB
2 minute Wait

Moves 1,2,3,4, of LDP
2 minute waits between each Move

5 minute minimum Wait before continuing TX

Lymphatic Drainage Procedure


• All viral infections
• All bacterial infections
• Inflammation anywhere in the body
• Lung congestion
• Chronic lung problems
• Glands congested – lymph nodes
• Uneven flexion
• Neck muscle wastage
• Sluggish lymphatic’s
• Atlas Axis problems
• Sinus problems and congestion
• Allergies and allergic reaction
• Cervical subluxations
• Choke and obstruction of the air passage
• Acid conditions creating mucous
• Extension of forelegs
• Shoulder mobility problems – jammed up through the M. brachiocephalic, will feel hard and taught
• Weak pectoral muscles – base narrow
• Tight pectoral muscles – pigeon toed
• Course coat
• Ears will have collection of waxy debris on hairs
• Eyes will have fluid bags – puffy eyes
• Lethargic demeanor – no get up and go!

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