Specialized Procedures

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Welcome To Specialized Procedures.

As we grow in the field of ABT we become more intuitive.
Our intuition leads us to “play” outside of the box.
And we become aware that learning is a never-ending process.
You are only limited by your curiosity and desire to affect change within the animal!

Revisit ALL the Moves often, and discover new ways to help your Clientele.

As an Animal Bowen Therapy (ABT) Practitioner we are trained to LOOK and SEE what the animal is presenting to you.

This process begins the moment the animal is in your presence and continues through out the entire length of time you are together.

Through respect, honour and observation, animals respond to ABT Practitioners in an extraordinary way.

They look for your healing touch.

They know that you understand what they need.

They look to you for a restorative resolution to their pain.

~ Never take this lightly, yet always take it as a blessing.

Specialized Procedures continues to observe the animal to evaluate the need for the following four procedures:

  1. Kidney Procedure
  2. Respiratory Procedure
  3. Lymphatic Drainage Procedure
  4. TMJ - Temporomanibular Joint Procedure

Each Procedure includes a detailed PDF print out to add to your binder and an instructional video.

The following procedures are used only on the second and proceeding treatments.

Only in an emergency situation would you use any procedures on the first treatment.

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