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Thank You For Taking An Active Role In Your Dogs Health! 

Your 4 Part Video Series and Information Guide Awaits...

I'm super excited for you! ~ Debi Famelos, Founder of Response5

Taking control of your dog's mobility health is incredibly EMPOWERING   and here's why:

1. For the first time ever YOU will become an impactful part of your dog's mobility health.
2. Currently your hands are  limited to snuggling, petting and scratching your dog.
3. Your hands will quickly become the very tool to resolve a multitude of mobility (and health) issues.
4. Your dog will no longer be solely restricted to medication and surgery options.
5. Your deep bond with your dog will become even deeper, I promise.
6. You will live, travel and explore each day with a peaceful mind knowing that you have the ability to help your dog at any given moment.

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Snuggle in with your dog and gain insight from this 4 Part Video Series...

Part 1 - What is Response5

Part 2 - Neurological Explained

Part 3 - Learn Step 1

Part 4 - Peek Inside the Course...

Understand the History and effectiveness of Response5 by reading the Information Guide.

Solidify your understanding of why a neurological approach is essential for change...

Learn why the 5 Steps of Response5 are simple to apply for any issue...

Simple to learn yet deeply Neurologically based, this is why it works!

A simple yet effective process of 5 steps. 

The value comes in putting the five steps together and practicing the routine until it becomes a natural rhythm within you.

The beauty of Response5 is that it's always the same powerful routine no matter what mobility issue you are needing to address.