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You've just taken the first step towards an unbelievably rewarding learning experience!

A personal message from your Instructor, Debi Famelos.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing more important to me than giving you the tools to aid in the resolution of your dog's mobility health. Not just the issue that your dog is facing today but for all the multitude of possible issues that may arise throughout their life.

Taking control of your dog's mobility health is incredibly EMPOWERING and here's why:

  • For the first time ever YOU will become an impactful part of your dog's mobility health.
  • Your hands, that are now limited to snuggling, petting and scratching your dog, will quickly become the very tool to resolve a multitude of mobility (and health) issues.
  • Your dog will no longer be solely restricted to medication and surgery options.
  • Your deep bond with your dog will become even deeper, I promise.
  • You will live, travel and explore each day with a peaceful mind knowing that you have the ability to help your dog at any given moment.

And this isn't just for your dog. It's for any dog that enters your life, be it your friends, your neighbours, a stray on a street... your fear and sense of helplessness will be replaced with hope.


I'm here to guide you and teach you and stay connected to you until you get this! So that YOU have the skill to create change.

Trust me when I say, it's not at all difficult to learn. From this point on, you and I (and your dog) are a TEAM! Together we're going to journey into a place in which I promise you'll discover a whole new way to love your dog. A way that actually creates change!

I use Response5 every day in my Practice with incredible results. It never fails to leave me in awe to know that something so gentle and so simple can create such profound results.

You see, by the time many dogs come my way their family has exhausted the medical route and they've spent thousands of dollars and have yet to find any answers to help resolve their dogs mobility issue. So as you can imagine, or perhaps this is similar to your story, the dog is in rough shape and their family is FRUSTRATED - HEART BROKEN - SCARED.

Where do I start? With Response5.

Whether I'm dealing with total paralysis, an inconclusive neurological condition, spinal injury, arthritis etc., I can count on Response5 to kick start the body without overwhelming it. That's why I'm sharing this with you!

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Simple, yet effective, Response5 is like learning an addictive and fun dance routine!

Throughout the Response5 course you'll hear me say, "Everything in life is simple, once you know how to do it."

Response5 is a perfect example of this. There's several things to learn, yet be assured, it's all very simple! You only need to learn Response5 once, but with it, you'll create change for a lifetime.

A simple yet effective process of 5 steps. Response5 can be likened to learning an easy yet addictively fun dance routine, except we're using our hands of course!

The value comes in putting the five steps together and practicing the routine until it becomes a natural rhythm within you. The beauty of Response5 is that it's always the same powerful routine no matter what mobility issue you are needing to address.

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