A Bonus for you!

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Isn't it incredible how something as gentle as Response5 can make such profound changes?!

Lets add to what you know with these TWO BONUS Moves...

Here are your Two Bonus Moves!

First is called the QL - this addresses a large muscle found between the hip and the last rib.

I use the QL move all the time!...and I always, always assess this muscle as part of my regular assessments at every session.

Second is called The Plank, this is a pre-session move that helps to relax the back ( and the nervous system ).

It’s called The Plank because it’s used when the back is very stiff, like a plank of wood ;)

The QL

Review the slideshow and watch the video.

Watch the video...

You can add the QL Move after Step 3 if using Response5 or place QL anywhere after Move 1 within your Level 1 Whole Body Balance.

I usually add it after Move 10 of Whole Body Balance :)

The Plank - a pre-session Move

Watch the video

Your journey into Animal Bowen Therapy is  about to get bigger...

Level 1 is ready for you!

  • Printable Detailed Manual
  • Printable Bonus Anatomy and Physiology
  • Detailed Videos for each of the 15 Whole body Balance Moves
  • Bonus Videos
  • Bonus Audios
  • Learn the importance of Teaming up with a dog
  • Learn new assessment skills
  • Meet Donna, your fellow Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioner!
  • Create a bigger better life for yourself and for all the animals that are waiting for your Animal Bowen Therapy Skills...