Response15 Whole Body Balance

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  • Welcome Video and Important Reminders!

    Hi! You're here!! Welcome to the next piece of your journey, welcome to Response15~Whole Body Balance! I have FOUR important videos for you to watch before you head off into any other piece of this learning platform.
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  • Your Printouts

    Your Response15 Manual is ready to print! Bonus Printouts too! Plus an Audio walkthrough of your sure to listen!
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  • Welcome to Class

    Here you will find ALL of the 15 Moves of Response15 - Whole Body Balance. Each Move comes with several videos to expand your learning! Remember to check in with the Library of Knowledge and always know that I'm here for you!!
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  • Library of Knowledge

    This is your extensive Library of Knowledge! Note: this is a growing Library, so check back often, and be sure to review the content again and again. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER
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  • Adding to our Assessment Skills

    We, as Animal Bowen Therapy Practitioners use our assessment skills to see and feel for mobility issues without diagnosing. We use these skills to determine our course of action and to evaluate the noted changes throughout the weeks of ABT sessions. The more you see, feel and observe the animal, the more effective you become!
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  • Anatomy and Physiology related to Animal Bowen

    The studies of Anatomy and Physiology are endless! Not to mention a bit intimidating and over-whelming! So know this as a fact...there is NO pressure to learn it all! We'll be taking a look at Muscles, The Nervous System, and Fascia. This three things are very connected to Animal Bowen Therapy and definitely worth understanding.
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  • Case Studies and Assignments

    Remember: the more detailed you are with information, before and after pictures and video, the better for you! Your case studies essentially create your testimonials and reputation as you begin to attract a clientele.
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